March 4, 2011

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Graham Hancock's lecture at the 2010 "Prophets Conference" in Vancouver

08/18'10 "Es ist die Vermittlung der Sprache von vor 57 Jahren für ein Publikum heute."

Danke, Herr Karmakar, für diese "Rekonkretisierung", diese "Rückführung an die wirkliche Sprache Himmlers." Die kategorisch durchgehaltene Nüchternheit der Inszenierung finde ich genial.
Durch sie wirkt der Geist Himmlers noch gruseliger , weil er wahrscheinlich noch unvermittelter, noch tiefer einwirkt in dieser eher tranceartigen Konfrontation abseits der üblichen Propaganda-Techniken wie Filme, Bilder, Rhetorik, Gestik, Lautstärke, Kostümierung – noch frappierender geht's kaum, würde ich sagen.

Was mir dabei besonders gefällt, ist der Bogen, den der Innenminister SS angesichts der Niederlage dabei schlägt. Von der Verabscheuung der "stursten Willensträger der bolschewistischen Doktrin" –

"er macht eben seinen ganzen Krieg mit seiner brutal durchgebildeten Führungsschicht von politischen Offizieren, von Offizier-Kommissaren, von Kommissar-Offizieren [...] es ist allmählich ein und dasselbe geworden"

– bis zu seinem Wir-als-politische-Soldaten-Appell an die Heerführer des Militärordens:

"Sehen Sie es als Ihre Aufgabe, Menschen zu gewinnen und Prediger zu sein. [...]
In die ferne Zukunft sehen wir, weil wir sie wissen. Deswegen tun wir fanatischer denn je, gläubiger denn je, tapferer, gehorsamer und anständiger denn je unsere Pflicht."

Als wollte er mit Absicht die arbeitersozialistischen "Politoffiziere" so weit wie möglich von den nationalsozialistischen "Soldatenpredigern" fernhalten, setzte er die Verabscheuung an den Anfang und den Appell ans Ende seiner Geheimrede. Nun steht diese hübsche Übereinstimmung da wie eine semantische Klammer, in der der große Zampano und Geheimagent zwar rhetorisch Achterbahn fahren und die tollsten Luftsprünge absolvieren kann, im Grunde genommen aber nichts sinnvolles zu sagen hat.

"Und ich möchte heute schon voraussagen, ich bin der ketzerischen Ansicht, dass wir, Gott sei dank, nach dem Krieg ein armes Volk sein werden. Ich finde das geradezu beglückend."

Exactly. Auf solchen Nonsens läuft es dann hinaus. Außerdem:

"Das Herz hält die Front. [...] Das Herz muss die Kanone bedienen."

Danke, Heinrich, danke, Romuald, für diese Supersteilvorlage direkt vors Tor. Selbst ein Blinder würde hier, glaube ich, verwandeln. Schon mal einen Blick in Goldhagens Nachfolgebuch zu "Hitlers willige Vollstrecker" geworfen? "Die Holocaust- und NS-Forschung hat bis in die jüngste Zeit praktisch nichts über die zentralen Akteure, die Täter der Massenmorde, beigesteuert: wer sie waren, wie sie zu Tätern wurden, wie sie wie sie in den Mordinstitutionen lebten, welche Entscheidungen sie treffen konnten, wie sie ihre Opfer im Einzelnen behandelt haben – das war alles nahezu unbekannt."

08/20'10 Alex Jones mocks the Knight of Malta question

Hey Kev, that's a pretty crucial recording that you have there with Alex Jones, Vincent Bugliosi and Walt Williams – I mean, in terms of the plot of the movie "Fracture" with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling.
"This 'Malta' or whatever you've said, I'm not familiar with that term, Walt ..." replies someone who has spent over twenty years on researching the JFK execution? Allegedly.
Of course, he couldn't have any idea at all of what it means to be a papal knight and to be accepted as such!

"And" you ask, CrapCannons? "Your" CIAlex won't say any word about the "holiest", the most inner and sophisticated, most influential and ruthless circles of the ruling priestly brotherhood as well about all their devout followers and apologists, but he praises Mafiosi like Bugliosi:

"One of the most successful prosecutors in U.S. history [...]
This is the mental illness of the American people.
We have a very serious person on the air talking about serious issues, not crack garbage.
I'm sorry, Mr. Bugliosi ..."

Did he really say this? Seriously? And isn't he the man who thinks of himself as "the tip of the spear" resp. "the ultimate resistence and the best you can get"?

What Hannity/O'Reilly/Limbaugh are for the corporate main memestream SJ became Joker Jones for the conspiracy main memestream SJ: He truly is the loudest and biggest "9/11" gatekeeper that they have on the "playground". In the words of Jon Stewart:

"Because they're as idiotic as the people on the other side. I like to think of us as people who sit in the center like the rest of you and are busy while the knuckleheads run the world, you know, on the ends. It's like the old bulk curve: The world is run by these people. And we are raising children."

What kind of "fathers" do not raise children in principle but are, at the same time, more trained than anybody else in controlling others' inner thoughts and feelings, who are quite the experts when it comes to questions of piety and making others believe things?

"Selling their dirty book" – he knows exactly where the frontline runs, you see?

08/28'10 Ken Robinson on Q-TV: How finding your passion changes everything

"I've thought for years and experienced for years the fact that so many people have no idea what they're really capable of doing. I mean, so many adults who are convinced that they don't have any real talents, you know, who spend most of their lifes doing things they're not very interested in. Bumping along the bottom in a vage state of depression and feeling they don't really have any special gifts or abilities at all. And yet I meet all kinds of other people who love what they do and have found something in themselves that transformed their lifes, and I think that we all have those talents and that we all have those gifts and that many people are steered away from them, almost systematically, by the way they're educated. And I think it's a tragedy. It's a tragedy for them and it's a tragedy for all of us, you know: It's a huge waste of human talent."

On hailing creativity as the highest level of learning and intelligence:

"Well, you know, I think that imagination, on which depends all of this, is the most distinctive feature of human intelligence. It's what sets us apart from anything else on the planet. Very few other things set us apart from all the other things on the planet, but this ability is distinctive. And look at the extraordinary achievements that human culture has brought about. [...] This capacity to be stimulated and enlightened by looking beyond yourself is distinctive to human beings.
So I think, it's the most powerful capacity that we have. [...]
It's this capacity that will get us through it or not and we can't afford to squander it."

The British *) knight sounds to me a bit like Terence McKenna here who once said:

"The future is mental, figure it out. If the mind does not loom large in the future history of this species then what the hell future is it going to be? I mean this is our crowning glory!"

*) "British comes from an Hebrew word, berith. A 'berith' is a contract in the old Hebrew language, and 'ish' is a man or men. Therefore berith-ish becomes british – man of the contract." (Jordan Maxwell)

On the other hand there's an author named Jon Beasley-Murray that I don't know at all yet (posthegemony.blogspot) who wrote on March 6, 2010:
"I have to say I find Robinson absolutely nauseating." (a comment from "the terry project" blog)

08/31'10 Most parents teach their kids to die) Brave, brilliant, radical, pure – I like it.
I know that sometimes thoughts come hurrying along with great power and you've used this momentum of enlightement so to speak quite professionally which means passionately, congenially, and with some damn good reasoning. I'm really impressed and I basically agree.

09/01'10 "You're just reactionary.") "Pieces of crap"? I wouldn't say so.
Again and again, we stumble upon the same phenomenon which always matters the most: piety. And it's not to be meant as religious devoutness alone but belief in general, with kind of fateful influence on nearly every conversation.
And while everyone gets hurt by it, nobody dares to make it itself the chief topic just for once! Isn't it obvious? Why aren't there any piety scientists out there or should I rather speak of devotional research that has to go on?

09/04'10 Neil Kramer lecturing at the 1st ARC Convention '10 in Bath near Bristol
The quality of your statements in this lecture I think is simply remarkable, Neil, absolutely magnificent.
Have just listened to your recent interview with "lawful rebel" David Ophalus and am pretty convinced that I can and will use a lot of the very concise thoughts you provided there too. For transcribing and translating ...
But you don't allow comments on your websites, do you really? What kind of lame attitude is that supposed to be? You compel me to raise a protest note here.

09/25'10 Olbermann interviews Donna Marsh O'Connor
This year, this summer, the so-called journalists, and top "journalists" like Olberman/Brian Williams in particular, have become in my eyes the absolute main "9/11" criminals, and that because they are the volunteering enforcers of the "9/11" act of inculturation resp. of the 9/11 (controlled) controversy. There are no journalists, only functionaries or managers of public. Or simply politicians (corporate clowns) like Beck/O'Reilly and Stewart/Colbert.
Donna is great as she has always been.

09/26'10 A dream of little men
It is, but I don't think so anymore. Because with this world-wide whisperweb, it makes more and more fun to expose the mob mentality of the top herders, their fastest nimble sheeps, and the herds belonging to them.
Scheuer, for example, is as Jesuit-minded as Ray McGovern, Bill Clinton or Joe Biden are ...
If you would only go after all the influences of Ignatian spirituality and Loyola's loyalty, you'll probably find more answers that you could possibly looking for.

09/26'10 Preview of the CMN Interview
Maybe, you should listen to his "Con Con Panel" playlist on his 1st youtube channel "UnslavedFilms".
In it, he and Doug Millar confront Leonard Horowitz in an unique way ...
Tsarion a month ago: "To me that disingenuous ploy of pretending that he did not know what the phrase referred to – 'jesuitical argument' – is his biggest faux pas. [...] Of course, he responded jesuitically – that is, by simply stating that the term meant nothing to him. Brilliant." Brilliant, indeed, I'd say.

10/03'10 George Carlin, a hero.
Good choice, but I'm going with his funny/not so much funny bit on rights and privileges and, of course, his brave "The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you!" on the country's "America From Freedom to Fascism", so to speak.
In fact, Carlin considered himself more an author/writer about cultural/political issues who also happens to perform his material than, you know, kinda comedian.

01/09'11 Bilderberger – Drahtzieher der Macht pt 3
There is no democracy in a corporate world. (With thoroughly incorporated minds.) Und ich denke, man könnte statt von "den Bilderbergern" treffender und aussagekräftiger einfach vom (inoffiziellen) Politbüro Europas sprechen. Denn was ihre Funktion angeht, entspricht diese Organisation doch im Grunde genommen weitgehend dem, was der CFR für Amerika darstellt. Oder?

"Dieses Buch wird von den Massenmedien praktisch zu Hundert Prozent totgeschwiegen. Warum? Eine wichtige Gruppe bei der Bilderberger-Konferenz sind z.B. auch die Medien: Auf derselben Konferenz, von der man überhaupt nichts hört, sitzen riesige Medienkonzerne wie Burda oder Springer, die über Hunderte von Zeitungen und Zeitschriften gebieten, aber statt über diese Konferenz zu berichten, tun sie ganz genau das Gegenteil und schweigen sie in ihren Medien tot. Viele andere Verlage und Redaktionen gehören auch dazu. Für Dtl. wäre da z.B. noch "Die Zeit" zu nennen, die eine sehr enge Verbindung zu der Bilderberger-Konferenz hat. Deshalb darf man sich nicht wundern, wenn man davon nichts hört. Und ich hab mich dann auch nicht weiter gewundert, warum mein Buch nicht besprochen wird, denn hier kann man die Mechanismen direkt arbeiten sehen, um die es bei der Bilderberger-Konferenz geht."

02/04'11 Paradisiac views all over this video ... This is pure yumminess!

Wohin marschiert die Armee? pt 3 of 3
Thanks, Lucky Luke, fürs Parallel-Veröffentlichen hier im Debattierclub Youtube! Finde ich sehr vorbildlich von dir und ausgesprochen nützlich. Passt doch sehr gut mit den Überlegungen von Mr. Molyneux über "Theories of War and Violence – The Joker and Raskolnikov" zusammen, findest du nicht? Ich meine, so als Kontrastprogramm ... See the stefbot channel: "An examination of moral theories of war and violence using Raskolnikov from 'Crime and Punishment' and the Joker from 'The Dark Night.'"

02/19'11 KenFM über das Dschungelcamp Wer sich zuviel übers Fernsehn aufregt, sollte wahrscheinlich wie Kambiz Hosseini und Saman Arbabi z.B. selbst anfangen, welches zu konzipieren.
("The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" vom 20. Januar 2011) Natürlich nicht so wie "Der elektrische Reporter".

02/19'11 Greenspan describes Greenspeak, Fedspeak
"First of all, he spoke in terms that the ordinary citizen, an ordinary person, when they listen to him, could not understand. My problem was that I was on so many banking committees that I actually started to understand what he was saying ... It scared the hell out of me." The magic (and the power!) of language ...